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Webinar: Compression Stress Relaxation (CSR) Testing - Getting the Most Information for Improved Seal Function

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Over the past decade, CSR has been seen as just another compression set test. The data is looked at in the context of just “following a procedure and providing results” in what can be referred to as a “Standard Test Value”, rather than what it actually is, “Characteristic Material Response” based on a Stress-Strain response in compression. There is a difference in “just following a procedure and reporting results” without caring if you are using a capable test system, following good test procedures and understanding the effects of procedures and test methods on test results. This leads to test results that are erroneous or inaccurate.  It is important to know test system capability, testing with precision test fixtures, having configuration control, good procedures and test methods, and engineers and technicians that understand the principles behind CSR Testing. The various test methods will be examined (ASTM, ISO and SAE) with the focus of better predictability of sealing function.


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