JULY 18TH & 19TH

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Summit is designed to share best leadership and safety practices with industry professionals hoping to achieve world-class safety within their companies.

This one-of-a-kind learning and networking conference will focus on uniting manufacturing executives from across the United States. Attendees will focus on best practices in environment, health and safety along with becoming a better leader.

This Summit promises to provide high-level safety professionals with implementable ideas they can take back to their facilities to improve their operations and achieve world-class safety.

The 2018 EHS Summit will take place at Hyatt Regency Columbus, 350 N. High St, Columbus, Ohio 43215



  • ARPM Members: $345
  • Non-members: $425

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What’s Included

ARPM will supply conference materials, name badge, and program. ARPM will provide light breakfast and coffee breaks throughout the sessions. Lunch will also be provided.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received by July 1, 2018 will receive a refund minus a $75 per person cancellation fee. Cancellations received after July 1, 2018 are non-refundable (substitutions are allowed). No refunds for conference day no-shows.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

7:30 AM     Meet and Greet with Light Continental Breakfast – HAYES

8:00 AM     Introduction and Welcome: Troy Nix, Executive Director– HAYES


David Sarkus, The Safety Coach ® – HAYES

It’s difficult for leaders and workers to trust and understand the kinds of principles that must be used to help individuals and teams work safer on a regular basis. In fact, some leaders don’t quite know where to begin! Sarkus reveals The 7Cs that anyone, in any organization, can use to help everyone achieve their very best. These 7 principles will help your organization move together in the same direction through a common vision for world-class safety performance!

9:15 AM     Networking Break

9:45 AM     Workplace Violence – HAYES

10:30  AM Changes in Environmental Programs under the Trump EPA:

Skipp Kropp, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC – HAYES

EPA Administrator Pruitt promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy. Learn about changes in major source air programs such as New Source Review, Green House Gas reduction programs, the Hazardous Air Pollution permitting program, and Ambient Air Quality Standard reviews. Revisions to jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act that impact water permits will be explained, as well as proposed rules to allow EPA to consider in its rulemaking only scientific studies for which underlying data are publicly available and revisions to the Endangered Species Act that can impact what property is suitable for economic development.

11:20 AM Breakout Sessions (Choose 1)

  • TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Reform:  An Update on Implementation (Chemical Inventory) and Hot Topics

Freedom Smith, Ice Miller – HARDING

In June 2016, important changes to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) were signed into effect, which was the first revisions of our domestic chemical management law in 40 years.  The Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, which amended TSCA, (known collectively as TSCA) fundamentally altered the domestic management of industrial chemicals - the lifeblood of many manufacturing processes.  In 2017 and 2018 the Environmental Protection Agency issued several rules and guidance setting the stage for ongoing implementation of TSCA, including the requirement to designate chemical substances on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory as either “active” or “inactive” in U.S. commerce, a rule regarding fees related to chemical review, and changes to the governance of confidential business information.   This presentation will include information on the April 2018 TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory, the active/inactive October 2018 chemical reporting deadline for Processors, as well as an overview of the current state of implementation and 2018 priorities for EPA.


  • Cyber Security Knowledge for Safety Professionals:

John Prost, Director of IT, Mueller Prost -GARFIELD

In our increasingly digital lives, it has never been more important for the safety professional to have a good understanding of how to protect sensitive data. This session explores data breaches and demonstrates how to protect and manage sensitive data.

  • Environmental Permit and Reporting:

Blair Everett, Project Manager, CHMM, SAFEX - GRANT

Learn the applicability and basics of common environmental requirements that may apply to manufacturing facilities in the plastic and rubber industry.

Key Topics

    • Know which processes and equipment may require an air permit
    • Determine whether your facility requires a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and an industrial stormwater permit or a no-exposure certification
    • Determine whether your facility requires a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan
    • Understand if EPCRA reporting (Tier II and/or Toxic Release Inventory) may be required for your facility
    • Know what items may be regulated as hazardous or universal wastes
    • Touch on RCRA generator improvements, including new electronic manifest requirements

David Sarkus, The Safety Coach ® – HAYES

Join Keynote David Sarkus as he delves deeper into applicable ways to apply the core principles from “Leading from the Heart”.  In which, starting with zero can begin with any individual.


12:10 PM   Lunch       

1:00 PM     Fatigue Risk Can be Predicted and Effectively Managed:

Lori Guasta, Predictive Safety – HAYES

It is estimated that employee fatigue is the primary cause of 30% of all industrial accidents including fatalities and estimated to be a major contributor in as high as 60% of all accidents in 24/7 operations involving shiftwork and off-shift call outs. Effective fatigue management programs are needed to address human behavior through education and training. At the same time, there has long been a need to predict fatigue risk and address the risk prior to the worker falling asleep, which requires predictive fatigue risk management. This presentation will review approaches to fatigue risk management, including education, testing, detection, schedule adjustment, and monitoring. A description of emerging and newer technologies based on leading indicators and real-time data will be provided as a solution to effectively manage fatigue risk.


1:50 PM     Opioid Crisis: Emerging Risk to Responding Personnel:

Wesley Maertz, CSP, CET, Technical Safety Specialist, W.W. Grainger, Inc.– HAYES

The focus of the opioid crisis has targeted the user and not the personnel who respond to opioid overdose situations.  What is emerging is those who respond to the situation are becoming the victim of an overdose.  This session will explore the risk of opioid exposure and what responding agencies and employers should be doing to address this emerging risk. 


2:40 PM     Networking Break


3:00 PM     Roundtable Discussions: 

Growing peer-to-peer networks and having the opportunity to meet other individuals in similar roles and responsibilities is a primary component of the ARPM EHS Summit.  During these roundtable discussions, professionals will exchange ideas on the most pressing EHS topics.  This is a perfect way for professionals to find new ideas, expand their professional networks and explore new methods of improvement.

                   1        HARDING

                   2        GARFIELD

                   3        GRANT


4:10 PM     What is Going On in the World of Cut Resistance?

Sally J. Smart, CSP and CET, Technical Safety Specialist, W.W. Grainger, Inc. – HAYES

The goal of every safety professional is to maintain a safe, compliant workplace. Hand injuries are the most common type of injury in the workplace.  Our hands are unique and one of the most complex parts of our body.  The coordination between tendon, bones, tissues and nerves allows us to grip, hold, move, manipulate objects and do a variety of complex tasks – until an injury happens.  When engineering and administrative controls are not enough, personal protective equipment (PPE) such as cut-resistant gloves can help prevent hand injuries.  To ensure that correct cut-resistant gloves are being selected for each unique application, a comprehensive understanding of the current industry standards and levels of cut protection is a must.


5:00 PM     Grainger Safety – HAYES

5:25 PM      Networking Reception– TAFT

6:30 PM     Day 1 Adjourned


Thursday, July 19, 2018

7:30 AM      Meet and Greet with Breakfast – HAYES

8:00 AM     Best Practices Round Tables

8:50 AM     OSHA, ADA and Medical Marijuana:

Nelva Smith & Vanessa Towarnicky, Septoe & Johnson PLLC – HAYES

Today, many states now allow for medical marijuana use and even some states allow recreational marijuana use; however, OSHA has not revised its requirements to employers to provide a safe workplace for its employees.  How does an employer tackle OSHA’s standard under the General Duty Clause and the states allowing freedom to individuals for medical and recreational marijuana use? How do employers reduce their risk?

In like sense, what do the Americans with Disabilities Act say about medical marijuana use in the workplace and an employer’s obligation to accommodate that use by its employees?

With the new landscape of marijuana use, it is now more important than ever to have policies and procedures in place to handle situations with employee marijuana use.  Also covered will be some useful tips on what to consider in policies and procedures.


9:50 AM Breakout Sessions (Choose 1):

  • Audits – Compliance Audits vs System Audits vs Internal Audits

Barb Knecht, HzW Environmental Consultants, LLC - HARDING

The work “audit” can induce panic or can be a useless waste of time.  However, when planned and completed correctly, audits can result in an excellent learning experience that lead to enhanced environmental and safety compliance as well as a more robust Environmental or Safety Management System.  We will discuss the differences between Compliance Audits, System Audits and Internal Audits, when each type of audit is appropriate and what you can learn. 

  • Workplace Wellness Programs,

Robert Brogan, KBIC Consulting - GARFIELD

Wellness programs are in vogue as a solution to long-term cost control and savings for health and welfare insurance benefits. However, it can be hard to prove their ROI. Additionally, a company needs their leaders to promote programs and build a culture of wellness in order to ensure health resources are not wasted. In this discussion, we will dive into vetting out the reasons behind adopting wellness programs and building executive commitment beyond that of budget approval.

  • Mill Safety Panel: Best Practices, Training, and Prevention


One of the more challenging positions from a safety perspective is that of the rubber mill operator. With its rapidly moving rolls and the necessity for manual involvement, the risk of the employee becoming caught and pulled into the machine is great. Many rubber manufacturing companies schedule extraction drills at regular intervals to practice life-saving protocols.  This presentation delves into what 2 companies have done to reduce extraction time, company cost, injury severity, and ultimately save a life!



10:40 AM   Networking Break

11:00 AM   Whistleblower Protection – HAYES

11:50 AM Safety Awards– HAYES

The 2018 Safety Awards have been designed to recognize companies in the manufacturing industry that have achieved world-class safety techniques that go above and beyond the average regulations. 




There is a broad array of sponsorship opportunities available for the annual EHS Summit. Exhibitors, as well as non-exhibiting companies seeking to maintain a presence, can benefit from a variety of sponsorship opportunities designed to drive exposure and engagement.

The EHS Summit is innovative and flexible with sponsorship opportunities. If your organization is interested in forging a relationship with the EHS Summit contact Letha Keslar at lkeslar@arpminc.org 1.317.863.4072 .


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RATE: $149.00 Plus tax. 

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KEYNOTE: David Sarkus

David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP (The Safety Coach®) is the president and founder of David Sarkus International, a leading-edge, health, safety, consulting, and training firm. He has over 30 years of occupational health and safety management experience in large, diversified industrial settings. Experience, education, and leadership qualities have allowed him and his firm to successfully apply cutting-edge strategies and tactics for some of the biggest and best-run organizations in the world.

As a safety strategist, consultant, author, speaker, and coach, David, and his colleagues have been helping bridge the human performance gap in safety for over 25 years. The focal part of their efforts includes climate and culture assessments; strategic safety planning; safety culture and change processes; leadership, engagement, and alignment; safety coaching; and attention control tactics. David is a recognized authority in the practice of occupational safety management. His writings have been featured as cover stories for Professional Safety Magazine and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. He’s also served as technical editor of Industrial Safety & Hygiene News and has been recognized by ISHN one of their as a Top 50 EHS Professionals. David is the author of five books and more than 100 evidenced-based articles. He’s also the host of a Coastal’s best-selling video, which features Bobby Bowden, one of college football’s all-time greatest coaches.

David Sarkus holds a Master of Science in Safety Management from West Virginia University and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology from Saint Mary’s College of California. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) by examination.

Robert B. Brogan

Robert Brogan is a founding member of KBIC Consulting. Since its creation in 2010, KBIC has developed into an HR and risk management firm that also manages health and welfare plans, and property and casualty insurance portfolios. His primary focus is serving as the lead consultant for his client’s health and welfare plans. Brogan has bachelor degrees from Indiana University in mathematics and economics.


Blair Everett, Project Manager, CHMM

Blair Everett is an Environmental Health & Safety Leader with 15 years of experience. She has experience managing EH&S compliance for manufacturing facilities, developing and delivering EHS training, and identifying strategies and solutions to meet environmental health and safety objectives. Everett has a BS in Environmental Studies from the College of William and Mary and an MBA from Colorado State University. She is a Project Manager at Safex and works with a variety of manufacturing clients to meet their compliance needs.


Barbara Knecht, CHMM

Barbara Knecht is the Chief Executive Officer of HZW Environmental Consultants. Knecht has been with HZW since 1990 and is well versed in various state environmental regulations as well as federal regulations. Knecht’s areas of expertise include the Clean Air Act (CAA), state surface water and NPDES rules, hazardous waste and universal waste management, wastewater and stormwater regulations. She has more than 27 years of project management and personnel supervision experience. Knecht’s experience numerous environmental compliance audits for various industries around the country and serves as a project manager for numerous industrial clients on a retainer basis, supervising and monitoring each facility’s environmental compliance and regulatory report completion. 


Edward L. "Skipp" Kropp

Edward Kropp focuses his practice in the area of environmental law and is resident in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a former Chief of the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection Office of Air Quality and former Deputy Director of the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection. He began his career performing atmospheric chemistry research for Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio and has over 25 years of experience as both in-house counsel and in private practice.


Sally J. Smart

Sally J. Smart is currently a Technical Safety Specialist for W. W. Grainger, Inc. Prior to joining Grainger, Smart was the Director of Quality, Regulations and Safety for two chemical manufacturers and compressed gas packagers. She is a Board Certified Safety Professional® (CSP), Certified Environmental Safety and Health Trainer® (CET), and Safety Trained Supervisor® (STS); and a Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP). Sally is OSHA – 30 hour trained for both Construction and General Industry and is an OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer for General Industry. Smart is also MSHA Part 46 and Part 48 New Miner 5000-23 and HACCP certified.


Freedom S. N. Smith J.D. 

Freedom Smith concentrates her practice in the areas of governmental compliance and administrative regulation, environmental law, environmental and toxic tort litigation, product liability, asbestos and general business litigation. Smith has experience litigating claims in both state and federal courts as well as managing environmental liability in business transactions; hiring and working with environmental consultants to achieve client objectives; litigating cases for both public and private clients involving environmental cleanups under a wide variety of regulatory programs, including CERCLA/SUPERFUND; and handling environmental insurance and coverage claims. She also has experience representing companies with regard to compliance assessments and issues, in the environmental realm and other administrative areas, permitting, and in assisting with the management of risks with regard to transactions and company operations.


Nelva Smith J.D. 

Nelva Smith practices in the area of labor and employment law. Prior to receiving her Juris Doctorate, she was a legal assistant with Scott, Scriven & Wahoff LLP, and was a third party workers’ compensation claims adjuster. Ms. Smith is experienced representing and defending employers against workers’ compensation claims and defending employers in OSHA matters throughout the United States, as well as charges filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


Vanessa Towarnicky J.D.

Vanessa Towarnicky's primary focus is in the area of labor and employment law. She has been involved in representing clients in various employment cases, including sexual harassment; deliberate intent; age, race, and disability discrimination; wrongful discharge; and various other employment-related torts. She is admitted to various state and federal courts as well as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mrs. Towarnicky frequently authors and presents seminars to private companies, various organizations, and public institutions on a variety of employment-related subjects.

Dr. Lori Guasta

Dr. Lori Guasta is Vice President of Consulting Services & Research for Predictive Safety SRP, Inc., a data analytic company based in Denver. She is responsible for overseeing development and execution of organizational assessments, safety interventions, training programs, behavioral and technical research, and human factors analyses. Her areas of expertise are organizational behavior, culture, and leadership. Past experience involves working for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Spokane Research Laboratory, formerly the U.S. Bureau of Mines from and she has more than 17 years of experience as a researcher and college instructor. She is published and has delivered numerous presentations at professional meetings and industry conferences. Lori holds a doctorate degree in leadership studies from Gonzaga University and a Master’s degree in clinical sociology from the University of Northern Colorado. 


Wesley J. Maertz

Wesley J. Maertz has held multiple professional safety positions in his 25-year career.  In his current role as Technical Safety Specialist at Grainger, he provides technical safety expertise to customers and other parts of the business.  Prior to Grainger he held positions in the fields of Industrial Hygiene, Safety Consulting, Fleet Safety, Human Resources, and Loss Control.  Mr. Maertz holds the professional designations of a Certified Safety Professional® (CSP) and Certified Environmental and Safety Trainer® (CET) from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.  Wes regularly presents and writes on the topics of safety and industrial hygiene through company and professional publications. Wes is a past presenter at the National Safety Council and American Society of Safety Engineers national shows.   He is a professional member of American Society of Safety Engineers and is an Authorized Outreach OSHA General Industry Trainer.


Brad Ridenour

After working in various manufacturing environments, as well as the service sector, he earned his B.S. in Industrial Systems Engineering at Ohio State University.  Brad joined the Ohio BWC and the Division of Safety & Hygiene in 1991 as an Ergonomist.  He has consulted in almost every industry in Ohio since then, Mr.  Ridenour has been an active contributor to the Ohio Center for Occupational Safety and Health as both a trainer and course developer.  Areas of expertise include Ergonomics, Process Development, Wellness, Accident Analysis, Managing Safety, Team Development and Facilitation, and Ergonomics for Construction.

Heather Renee Adams

Heather Renee Adams is of counsel in Ice Miller’s Labor and Employment Group. She is a business-oriented labor and employment attorney who regularly advises and represents clients in high-stakes whistleblower actions and various other areas of employment law before the United States Supreme Court, state and federal appellate courts, federal district courts, and administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and various other state employment and labor agencies. Before attending law school, Heather worked as a donor development officer for a number of Columbus, Ohio based nonprofits. Heather received her bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Virginia State University where she also served as captain of the women’s volleyball team.

John Prost

John has over 20 years of IT experience and works diligently to stay informed of the latest developments in technology and cyber security.  He serves as a resource for internal security controls.  John has successfully developed and implemented firm-wide cyber-security training to keep staff educated in the latest security protocols.


The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) invites you to participate in the 2018 Safety Awards Program. The Safety Awards Program is a way to recognize safety in the industry and facilities that have achieved a level of safety performance above the industry average. Awards are based on data reported on a company's annual OSHA 300 Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses.

The program will be launching March 19th and ending April 30, 2018!

What's required to submit:

  • Completed submission form
  • Copy of the facility’s OSHA 300 and 300A forms

Get a head start, view and start filling out the 2018 Submission Forms. We will start accepting submissions forms March 19, 2018, the due date is April 30, 2018. The form asks you to provide 2017 occupational illness and injury data of your facility. Please submit a separate form for each site you wish to be considered for an award. All data will be handled confidentially. Company names will be disclosed only as Safety Award recipients.

Awards will be presented during the 2018 ARPM EHS Summit taking place July 18-19th.

Click Here for the 2018 Safety Award Application

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