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Created for the purpose of aiding rubber products manufacturing executives in leading more successful enterprises, ARPM’s core mission has been designed to provide waste reduction, benchmarking, networking, international management of product standards, and educational opportunities to its member executives. As the only national association for rubber products companies, ARPM members range in size from small manufacturing producers to multi-billion dollar conglomerates.

The Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) was established in October of 2010 after elastomer products company executives belonging to the RMA mutually agreed that a stand-alone association was needed.

ARPM has been designed to service the needs rubber products manufacturers which is the reason the organization’s leadership team is comprised of company owners, presidents, and senior level managers on the ARPM Board of Directors.

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To be the association of choice for rubber products executives where members possess a strong camaraderie and a sense of sharing between one other; a camaraderie that understands the competitive nature that must exist between organizations but the willingness to provide help and assistance to those in need.


To provide programs and services that strengthen the effectiveness of rubber industry leaders and positively impact the success of their companies including:

  • Networking activities (peer to peer engagements)
  • Benchmarking activities that continuously produce new information on trends, operational / financial benchmarks,
  • Maintaining and monitoring international hose, sealing and belt standards for the Industry
  • Training and educational events to promote professional development
  • Purchasing programs and vendor discounts to reduce expenses