The industry's best Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference for processors! | November 3 - 5, 2021 


The goal of the Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference is to help rubber and plastics companies improve their operations and tactics in order to impact bottom line profits. The conference is anchored with best practices and leading benchmark presentations derived from the industry’s best-known sources of statistical information. Known as the absolute best benchmarks in the industry, these presentations identify and correlate profitability to operational behaviors, market choices and more.

The ability to quickly adjust to marketplace conditions and continually improve operational efficiencies is a must in manufacturing. The core of this year’s Benchmarking and Best Practices conference will address leadership, operational best practices, the latest financial benchmarks, sales and marketing, and the impact of employees on the bottom-line. With over 500 rubber and plastics professionals expected to meet in Indianapolis, IN, on November 3-5, the Conference staff has created a schedule packed full of best practices, leading-edge benchmarks, expert presentations and the best networking opportunities in the industry.

This year's theme - Beyond All Limits - is designed to inspire, motivate and educate processors on how to continuously improve every day. Becoming better is not something that just happens; good leaders continually work to make themselves better, and the 2021 Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference will do just that! 





Processors Only


Non-Members Through August 19, 2021 After August 19, 2021
Individual 1069 1069
Lunch and Learn 69 69


Individual 559

Industry Service Providers (or sponsors):

If you are a company that provides a service to the industry please contact Letha Keslar about attending this event. You can reach Letha at 317-913-2440 or


In-Person pricing:

Members Through August 19, 2021  
Individual 799  
Group Discount (4+) 759  
Lunch and Learn 69  

Virtual pricing:

Members Through August 19, 2021
Individual 399
Company-wide (flat price) 1796


The Benchmarking Conference Committee is hard at work creating the 2021 Agenda. Check back soon for details! 

Please note, this agenda is still a work in progress.  The Conference Committee wanted to share the general timeline of the event to assist attendees with travel arrangements. All times are EDT.

Wednesday, November 3rd

11:00 AM            Pre-Con Programming Begins

This includes but isn’t limited to the Young Professional Training session and Sponsor user groups.

1:00 PM              Sponsors/Exhibitors Move In

5:30 PM              Industry Welcome Reception (adjourns at 7 PM)


Thursday, November 4th

7:00 AM              Breakfast

8:00 AM              Conference Welcome and Troy Nix Keynote

8:20  AM             Keynote Matthew Kelly

9:30 AM              BC LABS

10:30 AM            Networking Break amongst the Sponsors

11:50 AM            Lunch and Learn with Keynote Phil Van Hooser

                            Or Networking Lunch

1:00 PM              BC Labs

2:30 PM              Networking Break amongst the Sponsors

3:30 PM              Keynote Major General (retired) Tony Cucolo

5:00 PM             Members’ Choice Reception (adjourns at 7:30 PM)

Friday, November 5th

7:00 AM              Breakfast

8:00 AM              Peer to Peer Networking

9:00  AM             Innovation Awards Ceremony

9:30 AM              Networking Break amongst the Sponsors

10:00 AM            BC Labs

11:00 AM            Keynote Clint Pulver

12:00 PM            Conference Adjourned 

Do you want to impact people in your industry?

The 2021 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference, planned for November 3-5, 2021 in-person at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott. This event will bring together manufacturers from around the United States for a week of programs and activities. 

The programming sub-committee for the Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference, comprised of your industry peers, is interested in providing a wide range of topics that will meet the needs of all conference attendees. To achieve this goal, we are looking to the membership (you or a member of your team) to share with and educate one another. Presenters are encouraged to provide programs that fall under at least one of the conference tracks (BC LABS), ultimately addressing the issues that are keeping our members up at night. 


  • Executive Stakeholders/Owners
  • Leadership
  • Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)
  • Human Resources/Safety
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations/Engineering
  • CFOs/Finance/IT

While we encourage presentations applicable to one of these focus areas, the committee will review and consider alternate program submittals related to the conference theme: Beyond All Limits. 

The presentations are being considered for both in-person and virtual programming.

Submission Deadline: July 16, 2021

Questions?  Contact:

To submit your presentation: Click here!

Featured Speakers


The Conference team is pleased to welcome the following keynote speakers:

Troy Nix, Executive Director
Troy Nix serves as the Master of Ceremonies for the Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. Known for his spirit, enthusiasm, and belief in American manufacturing, Nix will deliver an opening address that will focus on lessons in leadership and the importance of becoming more in tune with one’s inner self. Professionals over the last decade who have heard Nix deliver his opening address know that the first 30 minutes of the conference will spark emotion in each attendee’s inner core. This year’s message will focus on the tapping into that internal fuel source to inspire, motivate and overcome obstacles encountered every day. Nix’s tag line “America Is What America Makes” is an essential ideal that motivates those attending the conference to strive for excellence.

Matthew Kelly, keynote
Matthew Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker and bestselling author. He is also the founder and president of Floyd Consulting, a firm based on the belief that your organization can only become the-best-version-of-itself if the people in your organization are striving to become the best-version-of-themselves. With his keen sense of humor and passion for helping companies understand that developing their employees is the first step to achieving corporate goals, Kelly seems to effortlessly elevate and energize people to pursue the highest values of the human spirit and achieve their personal goals and ambitions. Matthew Kelly’s message is both timely and timeless. His example is authentic and inspiring. His passion for life is refreshing and challenging. It is certain that he will continue to be, with increasing influence, one of the most sought-after and endearing voices of our time.

Clint Pulver, speaker
Clint Pulver is a motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, Emmy Award Winner and workforce expert. A Professional Drummer for over 20 years, he’s played with top headlining fellow musicians in venues like the Vivint Arena, the Stadium of Fire, and the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. He founded the UVU Drumline known as the Green Man Group, which he directed for six years and went on to direct the Drumline for the NBA’s Utah Jazz until 2015. As the president and founder of The Center for Retention, Clint has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting loyalty through his work and research as “The Undercover Millennial”. For over a decade, he has been a self-motivated Entrepreneur who is well versed in business start-up, leadership, sales management, management training, and helping teams grow multi-million-dollar accounts. He uses that experience to create teachable relationship and business strategies based on trust, service, support, connection, and consistent follow-through. Clint strongly believes that a single moment in time can change a person’s life. He has traveled the world speaking to a wide spectrum of diverse audiences, challenging them to dream, excel, connect, and believe--both in themselves and in the power of others. For over a decade, Clint has dedicated his heart to helping organizations understand the younger generation and helping the younger generation better understand themselves by living a life of significance, rather than just a life of success. His mantra? “It’s not about being the best in the world…it's about being the best FOR the world.”

Phil Van Hooser 
Phillip Van Hooser’s approach to leadership training, employee relations and communication skills development is drawn from his own leadership experience in community banking, FORTUNE 500 manufacturing and consumer products companies.From his roles in employee relations, training, and human resources, Van Hooser knows firsthand the very real impact authentic, respected, engaged employee relations have on productivity and profits. He knows the practical, commonsense strategies leaders, managers and supervisors can implement to win credibility, communicate effectively, engage confidently with employees while reducing conflict and reaching organizational goals.

An engaging keynote speaker, leadership training expert, accomplished business writer, and mentor to emerging Millennial and Gen Z leaders, Phillip Van Hooser is committed to delivering keynotes and professional development training that helps companies and organizations experience stronger, more productive leader / employee relations, geater teamwork, trust, communication and collaboration, and improved bottom-line business results.

Laurie Harbour, speaker
Laurie Harbour is president and CEO of Harbour Results Inc. She has over 25 years of experience in benchmarking, performing operational assessments and leading strategic planning sessions for companies across the globe. She works closely with small- to medium-sized automotive suppliers, manufacturing companies, processors and mold builders and their supply chains to ultimately increase the health of their business. Harbour has been in over 100 tool shops in the last two years around the globe. By using very formal processes, she and her team utilize their in-depth backgrounds and expertise to identify strengths, weaknesses, performance gaps and business risks in order to develop strategies that lead to long-term sustainability. Her strategic transformation process has been used by MAPP members across the United States to achieve sustainable improvements, ultimately mitigating risk and improving long-term profitability.




This year's event will take place at the Indianapolis Downtown Marriott in Indianapolis, IN. 

A room block has been secured for the event. Follow this link to book your room.

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