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Introducing CAPTIV8: a health insurance opportunity created specifically for rubber manufacturers. 

Health insurance is always a top challenge for rubber processors. ARPM leadership understands the significance of this cost burden, along with the other industry challenges facing its members today.

That’s why ARPM leadership, together with the First Resource team and health insurance specialist Captive Solutions & Options, have developed a solution to address the ARPM member concerns around rising insurance costs. With CAPTIV8, we are empowering our member companies to control their health insurance program and better balance cost, risk, and coverage for their employees.

What is a captive insurance program?
Self-insured companies enter a captive, which allows a company to control its own healthcare funding.  A captive program contains several key aspects:

  • It is self-funded, meaning the employer chooses its maximum contribution and only pays for what employees spend.
  • All participating employers pay a fixed monthly cost based on their individual demographics and risk profile. Any unspent money is returned to the member companies.
  • This program allows for the transfer of risk to stop-loss insurance for claims above the shared captive layer maximum, individual companies’ self-funded retained layer maximums, and an overall captive maximum.

CAPTIV8 offers several benefits compared to traditional insurance plans, including:

 Protection: protects your business against insurance market pricing and reduces your risk.

 Flexibility: no long-term commitment is required.

 Better Benefits: offers access to unique programs, including an insurance and health care center of excellence, pharmacy cost containment, and more.

 Cost Savings: through better controls and access to data, this solution will deliver superior health insurance to like-minded companies at a cost significantly below market value.

 Data: this allows you to make more educated health insurance decisions with access to company-specific and industry data, including benefits, operations, and human capital.

 Intellect: this customized program has been developed by experts in health insurance, business strategy, and the rubber manufacturing industry.

Strategy: putting member companies in control over the money and the information allows you to make completely informed decisions about the allocation of resources, including health insurance for your company over the long term.

 Trust: this plan was developed by experts who have your company and your employees’ best interests at heart so that you can trust this innovative approach to health insurance.

Together, all these components position health insurance as a differentiated benefit for current and future talent and, ultimately, a competitive advantage for your company.

For more information about CAPTIV8 and to understand if it’s the right health insurance option for your company, please provide some information via the form provided below and a representative will contact you directly.

The form is a fillable PDF. Please note, that you will need to email the form as an attachment to Susan Denzio at once it is completed.