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Webinar: How to get a 3X ROI on Childcare - A Model for Collaboration and Impact

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Scott Pflughoeft, Ashley Industrial Molding Inc.

In an innovative fashion, attendees can hear how one company has offered a unique benefit to its employees for childcare. Ashley Industrial Molding has partnered with their local community to create β€œThe Lighthouse.” The Lighthouse, a non-profit, is a childcare facility structured on a collaborative model of community engagement. This childcare center operates out of an independent location that i) is open for hours of operation extended beyond traditional childcare facilities to support shift-based manufacturers and their employees, ii) retains personnel by paying above-average wages, iii) provides businesses with reduced costs related to absenteeism, turnover, and training, and iv) shows a measurable ROI to those participating.

This presentation is being replayed from the 2020 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. The presenter will be on hand to provide updates and answer any questions. 


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