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2023 Sales and Marketing Forum

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Creating and implementing a successful sales and marketing strategy is critical to the bottom line of any business. Is your company prepared to meet its sales goals this year? ARPM is hosting the Sales and Marketing Forum to explore successful sales strategies and learn about new technologies and best practices in sales and marketing.

This virtual event will address pressing industry challenges in sales and marketing through presentations from ARPM members, sponsors and other industry leaders.

Attendees will walk away with fresh insights into best practices and shared challenges, with implementable takeaways and action items.

Join us for this popular event designed by industry sales and marketing professionals to benchmark and share best practices in the sales and marketing process. 

General Agenda (details and presentations coming soon):

11 AM EDT - 2 PM EDT both days.

Presentions include:

Increasing the Sales Pipeline
Adam Auffart, APM
APM’s aggressive sales growth strategic plan included using new and innovative ways to generate and develop new opportunities to keep a sustainable flow into our sales pipeline.  Our plan was to augment traditional ways of prospecting with new technologies not used before by APM. Hear their journey through this process and learn best practices from their story.

Marketing and HR Recruitment Strategies
Shana Bailey, Viking Plastics
Organizations are continuously striving to attract top talent and build a high-performing workforce. Companies are discovering the immense value that marketing can bring to the recruitment process. This captivating presentation explores the dynamic role of marketing in HR recruitment, shedding light on how organizations can leverage marketing strategies and techniques to attract, engage, and retain exceptional talent.

Relationship Marketing for Manufacturers
Jon Burgess, Microdyne
Learn from my sales journey that moves from handshakes to digital marketing automation.

Sales & Marketing as Part of Your Organizational Automation Strategy
Keith Bradt, Kallan Sales Development
Many organizations do not truly understand the cost impact of inefficiencies in their sales organization. They wouldn't place an operator at a machine and say "Hear you go, let me know if you have any questions". However, often times for sales and marketing they do just that, leaving only the past experience (good or bad) and a book of existing relationships to drive new business activity, which is not sustainable or repeatable. The fact is, 34% of sales reps say that prospecting and lead qualification are their biggest challenges, and on average only 30% of a salesperson's time is spent on selling activities. On the other hand, B2B firms that have a 'mature' lead generation process, and structured sales enablement, generate 133% more revenue and have 35% higher sales quota attainment respectively. In this presentation, the audience will learn how to increase prospecting efficiency, automate customer outreach and eliminate waste in their sales and marketing organizations as part of their overall automation strategy.

Demystifying Digital Marketing: Tools You Should Use
Shelly Otenbaker, and Sara Melefsky, Waypoint Marketing and Communications
Digital marketing is always evolving. Knowing what’s available and how it can help your business development activities can be challenging. We are going to share some top digital tool plastic processors should consider and how you can implement them to support your sales and marketing goals. Additionally, we are going to share some best practices for making the most of your marketing resources – time and budget.

Adapting Your Sales Approach for a Post-COVID World
Matt Saunders, PTA Plastics
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the global economy, and businesses of all sizes have had to adapt their sales strategies to survive in this new environment. As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, it is essential for businesses to continue to adjust their sales strategies to ensure their success in the post-COVID world. In this discussion, I will provide my personal perspective on how PTA Plastics is adjusting to sales in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Negotiations Coaching
Jason Wierenga, Falcon Plastics
Negotiations coaching is designed to provide you with practical applications that will help you personally and professionally. You may not always win but you should never leave anything on the table.


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