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Release Agents

Chem-Trend is a global leader in providing release agents and related molding process aids for use in a wide range of rubber molding applications. With decades of proven experience in helping the world's top rubber manufacturers, we have helped provide greater efficiency, higher-quality products, lower downtime, reduced scrap rates, and more predictability, as well as greater leaps in innovation. We serve rubber manufacturers in several ways: 

  • Semi-permanent release agents for rubber molding | State-of-the-art technology providing rubber molding manufacturers with an alternative to the traditional "shop-spray" or high-volume, apply-every-cure release agent
  • Convential release agents for rubber molding | Conventional needs include situations with molds featuring complicated cavities, and those that may require unacceptable over-application of the products to the areas that are easy to reach. Our chemists focus a significant amount of energy on the development of new products applicable to this specific section of the rubber industry
  • Mold protectors for rubber molding | Keeping molds clean and productive is of critical concern to a profitable operation. Chem-Trend understands the importance of maintaining molds in good working condition and has developed a line of high-quality mold protectants
  • Mandrel Lubricants | Designed to provide lubrication for formed hoses made on rigid steel or aluminum mandrels, Chem-Trend's lubricants also create a film that offers a slippery surface for straight but flexible hoses that are made on long-length nylon or rubber mandrels

We are here to help. For nearly any application, we have the rubber molding release technology and expertise that you need. Request your free consultation today. 

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