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Chem-Trend annual sustainability report reveals 2023 target for PFAS elimination share

Chem-Trend, a part of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Group and global leader in the development of premium release agents, purging compounds, paper impregnation chemicals, and other process chemical specialties and additives, has released its annual sustainability report. Outlining the company’s global action from 2022, the report provides examples of how Chem-Trend is leading the industry through product and technology solutions designed with maximum efficiency and sustainability in mind. 

The most significant action: Chem-Trend’s global PFAS elimination initiative. Currently on track to successfully eliminate all perfluorochemicals from its product portfolio by the end of 2023, the company has committed to not using the chemistry in new product development. Additionally, Chem-Trend commits to achieving the same standards in relation to future acquisitions.

“We’ve been intensively committing cross-functional hours over the last five years to meet our vision of PFAS elimination. This was a team effort across R&D, operations, and sales to find and trial PFAS substitutes, while still meeting the high-performance expectations demanded by our customers. We are proud of this achievement, which demonstrates Chem-Trend’s overall commitment to sustainability.”

– Amanda Pugh, Vice President of Marketing and Technology.

The report also shares progress on Chem-Trend’s four main sustainability targets – the reduction of CO2 emissions, water usage, and waste generation, and increase in material recycling. A diverse range of efforts to meet these targets are included, such as:

  • Development of a recyclable grade of high-performing Ultra Purge™ line of purging compounds
  • Investment in equipment and facilities to reduce overall energy usage
  • Reduction of carbon footprint via improved supply chain practices, including the achievement of the silver sustainability rating from
  • Planning for next-generation products that work to eliminate product waste and increase operator safety