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Machinery Services

Barwell is the rubber industry's leading source for reliable and high-quality machinery designed to maximize efficiency and improve productivity and profibility. 

The product range includes: 

  • Batch-fed ram preformers and extruders for blank production
  • Continuous gear pump preformers for long production runs
  • Cryogenic and standard rubber deflashing machines
  • Space-saving spiral cooling conveyors
  • Rubber strip cutters

Our equipment is designed to improve production efficiency and accuracy, reduce material wastage and provide safe, user-friendly operation and maintenance. Barwell also offers the supply of genuine spares and service care throughout the USA. 

We can offer ARPM Members, expert guidance: 

  • Knowledge on machine operation, efficiency, and process
  • Achieving accurate and high quality blanks in the most effective way with the most appropriate material 
  • Prepping for molding, whether a Preform or a cut strip
  • Rubber deflashing with and without the need of LN2
  • Smart Preformers help rubber proce3ssors
  • How industry 4.0 technoloyg can help rubber manufacturers to become more efficient through data analysis and process-driven technology

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