500 Ton Cincinnati Press for Sale

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500 Ton Cincinnati Press for Sale

Post by KaitlynKrol » Wed Feb 21, 2024 8:36 am

We received a listing for a used press for sale. Here are the details:

Ton: 500
Brand: Cincinnati
Manufacture Year: 1995
Shot Size: 180oz
Clamp Style: Hydraulic
Platen Size: 48" X 48"
Dist Bet Tie Bars: 34.3" X 34.3"
Daylight Min/Max: Min-15"/Max-55.1"
Stroke: 40.2"
Material: Flexible PVC
Barrel/Screw Cond: Good
Shifts: 1
Hydraulic Knock off: YES
Air Blow: NO
Corepull: NO
Machine Running: YES
Condition of Machine: GOOD
Voltage: 480 3 Phase
Types of Products Molded: PVC Couplings for the Plumbing Industry
Pictures: YES
Date Machine is Available: 3/4/24
Model #: VH500-181
Serial #: H05A0295098
Dimensions: 351.5"L X 75.9"W X 108.5"H
Price: $20,000 OBO

R2B2 Industries, LLC.
Contact: Brandon Robards
Phone: 812-454-4530
Email: brobards@aceextrusion.com

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