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YP Virtual Ignition Series 1 with Alex Hoffer

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Virtual Ignition – Lighting Your Path to Leadership.

During these monthly workshops, the associations will host a series of speakers, facilitators, and exchanges where young professionals and those new to the industry will explore how to lead through an environment of change and uncertainty. These sessions will illuminate new opportunities for leadership growth, empowering attendees to embrace new opportunities along their own path, and strengthening their ability to light the way for others.

All workshops will include live takeaway discussions during or after each presentation.

Leading during Times of Uncertainty

As uncertainty continues to surround each and every one of us, leaders are needing to be more present and connected than ever to their personal and professional communities. However, as internal stress mounts in this environment of continual change, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s own priorities and goals – which makes it impossible to lead anyone else towards theirs. 

During this interactive video call, Alex Hoffer will explore how an internal focus on “work”, “home” and “self” can provide the perspective needed to guide others. Through experiences of leadership shared by Hoffer, attendees will explore how young professionals – regardless of title – can better reflect on these areas to connect with, lead and strengthen their own leadership skills, their teams, and their organizations during times of uncertainty and upheaval.


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