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Webinar: Open Book Management - Increasing Employee Buy-In and Company Profitability

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Chip Owen, D&M Plastics LLC

We’ve seen countless articles on why managers and business leaders need to focus on engaging employees–not only is it generally an important predictor of company performance–but it leads to stronger communication, higher customer satisfaction, and loyalty, and increased productivity and profitability. These benefits are widely recognized in organizations running open-book management systems. During this presentation, one member will share how open-book management has helped employees create and build a sense of purpose by including them in developing and owning the business's vision and values, and while that's directly beneficial in terms of improving engagement at work, team members take that sense of fulfillment home with them every night.

This presentation is being replayed from the 2020 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. The presenter will be on hand to provide updates and answer any questions.


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