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Webinar: ARPM State of the Industry Mid-Year Review

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ARPM started 2022 off strong with the knowledge, insights, and data your company needed to be successful this year based on the results of the annual ARPM State of the Rubber Industry Survey.

While challenges and uncertanties in the rubber industry continue to impact members, company leaders need to continue to understand the overall landscape and how it has evolved over the last seven months. This knowledge allows organizations to better plan, strategize and prepare for the rest of the year. Join ARPM's leadership team as they delve into the results of the second quarter ARPM State of the Rubber Industry Pulse Survey results. This webinar will share insights, predictions and changes in major indicators, such as:

  • Sales forecast
  • Market outlook
  • Challenges and trends
  • Customer demands
  • Off-shoring 
  • Raw material trends
  • Quoting activity
  • Capital expenditures
  • Overall profitability

*Please note, the webinar link will be sent to registrants in the registration confirmation email AND the week of the webinar.


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