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Marketing to Your Top Customers โ€“ Your Employees - Benchmarking Conference Spotlight

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Looking for new ways to attract clients and increase business?  Maybe considering investing in a full-blown marketing campaign or costly advertising?
The best marketing practices use data analysis, feedback, and social media listening to identify customersโ€™ needs and preferences. Then, create content and identify solutions that help solve those nagging problems that keep decision-makers up at night.
Consider this โ€“ you already have access to your most powerful brand promoters โ€“ your employees. By devoting time and energy in your people you can build a team of brand ambassadors that will model your company values and take your company to new heights.
During this session, attendees will hear from two marketing pros on how this cultural change of treating employees as you would your best customers, ensures improved customer experience, better products, and better services.

This presentation is being replayed from the 2021 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. The presenter will be on hand to provide updates and answer any questions


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