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A Blueprint for Strategic Leadership

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Most companies have leaders with the strong operational skills needed to maintain the status quo. But they face a critical deficit: They lack people in positions of power with the know-how, experience and confidence required to tackle to take their organization to the next level. These issues can’t be solved by a single command, they have causes that seem incomprehensible and solutions that seem uncertain, and they often require companies to transform the way they do business. Every enterprise faces these kinds of challenges today.

This workshop provides a blueprint to strategic leadership which involves nontraditional but highly effective approaches. Participants will sketch their own unique leadership archetype and become armed with leadership skills necessary to overcome a current leadership challenge.

Participants will leave the session distilled the essence of strategic leadership as virtue, excellence and wisdom in the performance of actions.

Presenter: Ryan Krupa

Ryan Krupa is a Co-Founder of the MOSAIC INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.  Krupa is the author of the forthcoming book The Gospel of Leadership: An Unconventional Dialogue in the Pursuit of Truth.  His calling is to awaken leadership potential in aspiring leaders. He specializes in creating and teaching leadership development courses for US Special Operations units.  He has studied and researched the domain of leadership development for over twenty years and has created and taught leadership development courses for eight years.  Notable clients have included Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, and US Naval Special Warfare (SEALS/SWCCS).  Prior to MOSAIC, he served as an Officer in the US Marine Corps, a strategic account manager at the Center for Creative Leadership and a consultant at Deloitte Consulting.


“6 years ago I found our company in a predicament. We were growing our business very fast.  We had a mix of young leaders and seasoned veterans who were working their butt's off but found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. 

The team was very talented in task but missing the strategic connections to be successful. I assessed that we were not connecting collectively which presented challenges in meeting our most important goals and ultimate strategy.

 I reached out to Ryan Krupa for help. Ryan put together a training program that would require our team to come together for an intense seminar. I didn't know what to expect.

It was one of the best decisions I've made as the President and owner of my company. Ryan's process of slowing down to speed up, learning who each person was, how they grew up, what experiences they had in life and how that draws back to building a team was game changing.

The outcome from this experience was beyond expectation. Going through these exercises, you realize that in order for a "team" to be successful, you have to understand each other personally and professionally. This is where the trust is built. From there, you can establish the organization's goals and expectations, challenge and support one another to reach the individual and team goals and create accountability.

The principles and practices Ryan brought to the table changed not only the individuals in the room, but the company as a whole. We continue to reflect on his teachings and course correct to these best practices.

The journey is as much spiritual (not religious) as it is practical. I would recommend Ryan Krupa’s leadership seminars to any individual who is hoping to overcome any leadership challenge and/or to any company that is serious about creating change in their organization.

Matt Hlavin, CEO, Thogus Products


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