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BC Labs

The conference committee is working to finalize all of the BC Labs. Please check back as new sessions will be added frequently.

We have included the suggested functional area group that may be impacted by each presentation.

A Key Strategy to Improve Automation Successes on the Production Floor

BC LABS: Automation/Engineering, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Kevin Clements, Intertech Plastics Inc.; Max Benko, PTA Plastics; Jim Onderko, Thogus Products Company; and Rich Dorans, PTA Plastics

 A company's ability to automate separates them from its competition. In fact, processors that continue to implement automation on a job-by-job basis routinely beat their competition and are more strongly embedded with their customers. Although most understand the competitive advantage created by employing automation, many continue to miss the mark in applying solutions because of the failure to plan for a successful automation implementation. During this panel discussion, processing leaders will explain how they are improving automation adoption through rigorous planning steps that occur very early in the design phases for new programs. Those attending this session will obtain a better understanding of the tactics others are using to improve automation success by investing in upfront planning.


Accelerating Change and Innovation by Empowering Middle Managers

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Dan Walker, PolyFlex Products Inc.                                                                                          

During this presentation, Dr. Walker will share how a commitment to change and organizational innovation affects employee empowerment. Walker will demonstrate how executives and owners can apply session content to jumpstart a stagnated organization. Sharing practical ideas on how executives can empower middle managers to translate strategic objectives into actionable plans that get implemented. Additionally, the session will focus on approaches that lower resistance to change and increase organizational innovation.


Aligning Sales and Marketing to Drive more Sales           

BC LABS: Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Ashley Satterfield and Chuck Forrestal, Metro Plastics Technologies LLC                                                                  

As many are aware, the past couple of years have been pivotal in business, economic and personal sectors. Specifically, within manufacturing, it has been a time of internal reflection, redirection and repurpose. To keep afloat, a strong diverse customer base is key, but how does one attract customers in industries outside of his/her wheelhouse? Attendees will learn through this session that through consistent optimization of content, they can elevate sales and marketing efforts to attract diversity, consistency and loyalty with new and current customers.



Apprenticeships and Tribal Knowledge; Overlooked Solutions For Limited Human Resources     

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Jeff Applegate, Texas Injection Molding and Erin Lindsey, Viking Plastics                                                 

There are no silver bullet solutions for the current state of employment in our country, however, two member companies have implemented two different holistic solutions to adapt to providing access to quality jobs.

Jeff Applegate of Texas Injection Molding will outline the partnership with Routsis Online training coupled with their on-the-job training to provide comprehensive training for all employees. This combination of resources can progress to a registered apprenticeship for Process Technician with the Department of Labor.

Erin Lindsey of Viking Plastics will share how they have begun to capture the “tribal knowledge” so that the entire team can benefit from shared experience, saving your company time and resources.


Automation Innovations: Reset Your Strategy   

BC LABS: Automation/Engineering, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs),  Operations

Kyle Bender, Falcon Plastics; Jeffrey Dunn, Crescent Industries Inc.; June Firestone, Crescent Industries Inc.; Sanjay Patel, Midwest Molding Inc. and Gene Mussel, Harbour Results

In celebration of the innovative minds within the manufacturing industry, the eighth annual Innovation Award competition focused on Automation this year. . This award recognizes manufacturers who focus on improvement and innovation, and go above and beyond to get ahead in this increasingly competitive industry. During this presentation, a panel of member companies who submitted for this year's award will share their challenges and solutions.


Become Resilient with Profitable Training Strategies by Understanding the Four Plastic Variables in Injection Molding Technology     

BC LABS: Human Resources/Safety, Operations

Todd Bryant, Paulson Training Programs Inc.       

Resiliency is the cornerstone of any successful company and is the theme for this year's Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference. Without it, companies or individuals, faced with adversity, may find themselves treading water or worse, making the tough decision to walk away. In this break-out session, attendees will learn how to empower their team, implement a more efficient injection molding process, and in turn dramatically improve their bottom line. Paulson's technical instructor, Todd Bryant, will discuss key scientific principles, like the four "Plastic Variables," with real-world examples, that will help attendees increase part production, reduce scrap, and achieve faster cycle times that could save thousands of dollars. Gain important insight into how to increase production capacity per machine, per year, all by understanding scientific injection molding principles and its crucial impact on profits.

Key Takeaways:

- Develop strategies of RESILIENCE to increase team engagement, and employee retention and foster a more intuitive problem-solving mindset

- Understand how to lower reject rates

- Learn how to achieve faster cycle times

- Identify how to produce less wasted plastic

Join in this dynamic Paulson presentation and discover how applying practical scientific principles can help tackle any part production problem in order to increase plant efficiencies and profitability.


Best Practices from A Successful Strategic Plan 

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Heather Quail, Falcon Plastics and Shelley Fasano, Dymotek                                                                        

While the importance of having a strategic plan can’t be denied, the methods used to define a blueprint for an organization’s future and get everyone rowing in the same direction can vary widely from company to company. Yet, despite this variance, all teams experience many of the same pitfalls in developing their strategic plan and conveying its importance to the whole organization. During this presentation, Heather Quail will share how Falcon Plastics uses a staged planning process, including goal setting, analysis, strategy formation, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring, to set a five-year strategic plan that is informative, measurable, and achievable. In contrast, Shelly Fasano will discuss how Dymotek utilizes EOS to align the company’s vision and goals, while providing a structure that flows the information down throughout the company and creates a cadence that engages all employees.


Building a Business Case for Automation             

BC LABS: Automation/Engineering, CFOs/ Finance/ IT, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Jordan Kretchmer, Rapid Robotics, Inc.; Glen Fish, Revere Plastics Systems LLC and Tammy Barras, Westec Plastics                                               

In the face of an ongoing labor shortage, adopting automation is critical for the continued growth of American manufacturing. Yet the price is so high, and the cost of a failed deployment so severe, that most manufacturers have barely considered it as a solution. Join Rapid Robotics CEO Jordan Kretchmer, Revere Plastic Systems CEO Glen Fish, and Westec Plastics Corporation President Tammy Barras to learn how to assess your facility for automation opportunities, calculate ROI, and build a business case that maximizes your chances of successfully automating.


Building A Relevant, Resilient and Revenue Generating Sales Team        

BC LABS: Human Resources/Safety, Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Jarred Brejcha, RL Hudson and Michael Cirone, Manar Inc.                                                            

Now more than ever, we need resiliency to confront the regular challenges of business. In this presentation, Jarred Brejcha and Michael Cirone of RL Hudson will discuss how to build a resilient sales team using principles of resiliency and practical examples that can be adopted by any sales team. The audience will gain an understanding of what resiliency should look like in a sales team and why it is important in today's world. Experience on this concept is drawn from multiple roles and many years of experience using these principles to guide sustained success.


Don’t Get Kicked Off the Island – Leadership Survival Skills for Business Crisis   

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Scott Pflughoeft, Ashley Industrial Molding Inc.                                  

In times of disaster, pandemic and crisis, personal survival is predicated on employing a framework for solid decision-making. Because this is no less true in the case of a business crisis, where applying a framework for decision-making is equally important, it’s unsurprising that a simple model for analysis and action used in wilderness survival - the "Rule of Threes" - can be effectively applied in the business world. Join this session with Scott Pflughoeft as he explores how learning the hierarchy of actions and its application to business crisis management can help executives and management professionals analyze data and respond effectively when times get tough. By putting this mental model to use, attendees can improve their odds of surviving a crisis -  in the wilderness or in business!


Driving An Effective Sales Process with Content and Technology              

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Keith Bradt, Kallan Sales Development                                                                  

Sales enablement is about delivering the process, content and technology that optimizes an organization’s ability to communicate customer value and accelerate revenue growth. It is a strategic approach that will align stakeholders in sales, marketing and operations around a common goal through effective onboarding, training and continuous coaching – all within one’s larger sales strategy. In this presentation, attendees will learn the impact of sales enablement on their businesses and take away key elements to develop and implement an enablement program, so that the company’s sales team is able to engage with customers more effectively throughout the buying journey.



Health Benefits: Why the System is Against You               

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Will Hinshaw, Captive Solutions & Options                                                                           

Say the word "healthcare" and people most likely will run the other way. Most business leaders review their health plans once a year - yet healthcare premiums are one of the largest overhead business expenses incurred annually. Because this is a massive line item, business owners need to be more proactive by understanding the components of their plans and how these components impact the renewal process. In this session, Will Hinshaw, Captive Solutions & Options, will discuss strategies that can influence future insurance renewals, such as effective ways to manage pharmacy costs, the 'per employee per month (PEPM) concept and why this number is beneficial, expectations of a broker/consultant and an understanding of fully insured vs. self-insured plans.


How to Build a Winning Sales Strategy 

BC LABS: Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Doug Drummond, Revere Plastics Systems LLC                                                                   

Business has fundamentally changed in the last 2+ years.  Raw material suppliers, labor shortages, chip shortages and supply chain disruptions have all changed the environment that a salesperson must navigate. However, although unprecedented challenges are facing every organization (and every part of an organization), great opportunities also now exist for sales teams. By joining this session, sales professionals will learn how disruptions caused by today’s market challenges have shifted much of the leverage away from customers, and how capitalizing on new opportunities will better their businesses.


HR Professionals Adapt to the Evolving Post-Pandemic Workforce          

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Janine Bucher, York Imperial Plastics; Audra Kimbel, PolyFlex Products Inc. and Carole Krol, Metro Plastics Technologies LLC                                             

Although every facet of business was impacted by the global pandemic, few were affected as much as the realm of human resources. Human resource professionals and their teams were the employees tasked with keeping businesses afloat and staffing properly (but not too much), all while competing with unemployment benefits, hiring freezes and the new digital-first, remote workspace that many have proclaimed to be the “New Normal.” During this panel presentation, three MAPP HR professionals will share their best practices in tackling the problems of today so that they can help their companies prepare for the workforce of the future.



Improve Your Business with Data Driven Decision-Making         

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Mark Wells, Revere Plastics Systems LLC; Adam Wachter, Engineered Profiles LLC; Matt Fish, Vital Plastics Inc. and Kelly Madden, Swindoll, Janzen, Hawk and Loyd                       

“Big data” is a combination of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data collected by organizations that can be mined for information and used in machine learning projects, predictive modeling and other advanced analytics applications. To organizations new to the concept, it can be overwhelming and difficult to see the impact or know where to begin. During this presentation, three member companies will share their experiences in how big data has impacted their organizations. Ultimately, attendees will learn about the tools and techniques used by these organization to improve operations, evaluate capital projects, and analyze customer relationships using Big Data that, ultimately, can increase revenue and profits.


Industry Trends and Emerging Issues in EHS       

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Travis Kruse, Grainger Inc.

This session, led by Travis Kruse of Grainger, will focus on industry trends and emerging issues in the Environmental, Health and Safety world such as an update on OSHA special emphasis, ISO 45001, Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs) and Sustainability/ESG.


Keeping PACE- 4 Tips To Accelerate A Processor's Journey Towards Sustainability           

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Debbie Prenatt, M. Holland Company                                                                    

Concerned about the unknown surrounding sustainability in the plastics industry?  Discover four tips that will help a processor keep PACE with sustainability today and prepare for increasing OEM demands that will surely come tomorrow. Growing your knowledge of legislative Policy, Anticipating future customer needs, reducing Carbon footprints, and Embracing design for recyclability practices will help processors stay at the forefront of challenges facing the industry and create a better future for all!


MedAccred Accreditation: Providing Opportunities in the Medical Device Sector

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

David Joppru, Boston Scientific; David Rosa, MedAcrred and Bruce Howell, MedAcrred   

Learn about how leading OEMs in the medical device industry are utilizing a new and innovative industry-managed critical manufacturing process oversight and accreditation program called MedAccred to improve medical device quality and enhance patient safety.  MedAccred leverages 30 years of best practices from the aerospace industry and is now being successfully implemented throughout the medical device industry.  The program helps medical device companies properly address a number of current industry issues, such as inadequate purchasing controls, increased outsourcing, and the oversight of an increasingly complex global supply chain.  MedAccred is a collaborative, consensus-based approach that brings together the world’s leading medical device companies in a unique way.  Together, these companies are enhancing the industry’s overall approach to supply chain quality by establishing stringent process-specific technical audit criteria while conducting more rigorous product realization audits.  Leading manufacturers have asked suppliers to join them by gaining MedAccred critical process accreditation to improve final product quality.

Medical and Automotive Quality Requirements for Plastic Injection Molding    

BC LABS: : Automation/Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

 Cory Hoeppner, RJG Inc.                                                             

In this presentation, Cory Hoeppner of RJG will discuss the similarities and differences between automotive and medical/pharmaceutical requirements to meet industry quality standards. APQP is a structured system to help automotive manufacturers launch products and heavily focuses on the customer’s needs. IQ/OQ/PQ is a structured validation protocol to help medical/pharmaceutical manufacturers bring products to market, with a heavy focus on risk management. Hoeppner will cover a high-level overview of both of these and what is needed for the product development/production handoff.


Paving the Road to I4.0 and Autonomy

BC LABS: Automation/Engineering, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Scott Rogers and Aimee Daigle of Noble Plastics Inc.                                                                        

Practical progression of digital transformation for the small molder. Over the last few years, Noble Plastics has tested, developed, integrated and deployed multiple systems with the goal of becoming smarter and more predictive in our manufacturing operations. In this presentation, Noble will discuss the successes and challenges experienced on this journey from simple connectivity to predictive AI and BI applications intended to give attendees some actionable insights that can be practically used in their organizations.


Reimagining High Performing Teams     

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Matt Lesser, Uniquely Normal, LLC                                                          

Join Matt Lesser, who will dive deeply into one of the first tenet, High Care, (High Care, High Trust and High Competency)  and describe how, through the development of perseverance and resiliency within one’s team, leaders can continue to improve the performance of their organization. During this hands-on session, attendees will be introduced to two assessment tools—DISC and Myers-Briggs—and will learn to integrate them in a way that cultivates these key qualities amongst team members, highlights the element of High Care and generates high-performance teams within one’s organization.


Technology and Managed Services Solutions for Smart Factory Plastics Manufacturing 

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT,  Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Andy Stecher and Thomas Schmitt of Tekscape, Inc.

Leading manufacturing companies realize that to stay ahead of their competition, they need to stay at the top of the curve when it comes to factory automation technologies and skilled labor. Yet what forward-thinking companies are realizing is that simply having the best equipment and manpower is not enough. As part of the digital transition in manufacturing, often referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘IoT’, all company resources are becoming interconnected both within their own organization as well as within their supplier base and their customers. Staff members that traditionally only worked on location now desire to work remotely or at least in hybrid work environments.

Integrating technological solutions at every stage of the manufacturing process and connecting information flow between operations and office today is paramount to business success. Technological solutions architecture expands past the plant floor. The new digital environment must be carefully planned both from infrastructure, network design, and security concern perspective.

During this breakout, attendees will learn best-in-class solutions for digitally connected environments for plastics manufacturers. Concerns for continuous production uptime, 24/7/365 support, cloud data processing, storage and protection, disaster recovery, collaboration technologies for a hybrid workforce and security protective solutions including cybercrime and ransomware attacks will all be addressed.


The Future of Automotive          

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT, Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Jeff Stout, Yanfeng US Automotive                                                          

The automotive industry finds itself on the cusp of global change, a transformation as impactful and wholesale as when the automobile supplanted the horse and buggy more than a century ago. Necessity being the mother of invention, automotive technology progressed rapidly sparking a national economic boom, but also new challenges for roads and infrastructure.

We're looking at similar, significant challenges and opportunities today. No transformation of great scale occurs without innovation, hard work and significant change – or disrupting the norm – and the change we are going through now will be no exception. During this presentation, Jeff Stout from Yanfeng Automotive will address how you combine the seemingly contradictory themes of digital and luxury into a cohesively designed interior. Join other leading manufacturers to get a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry.



Understanding Google Suite - A Websites Greatest Ally

BC LABS: Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Jared Falkner, Vive LLC                                       

Attendees who can use a little guidance in understanding and navigating the primary platforms offered through Google suite need to attend this session! With Google amassing 90%+ of consumer searches, it’s a must-know! Learn from Vive Marketing's expert in digital marketing, SEO, and PPC, Jared Falkner, Director of Digital Strategies. His presentation will expand the attendee’s knowledge by learning and interpreting:

• Google Analytics: Understanding analytics, how to read them, what data tells the best story, and what’s upcoming.
• Google Search Console: Reviewing sitemaps, links (internal, external, backlinks), translating organic search traffic, page indexing, and more!
• Google Business Profile: Managing business locations, enhancing a brand's presence, responding to reviews, uploading photo/video(s), Google messaging, and more!
• Various Google Business Applications: There are 32+ more Google-based business applications. Have you used these resources?

Expect to leave with actionable steps that will help you understand Google’s primary business platforms and their uses, how to navigate through them efficiently, and how to interpret the information correctly – all helping attendees become the in-house experts in managing their website, brand, and visibility. 


Understanding Process Parameters’ Influence Over Part Quality on Injection-Molded Parts

BC LABS: Automation/Engineering, Operations

Deepika Gaddam and Mike Neerhof with SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding                                  

This presentation will explore the intimacies and influences of the process parameters in regard to the quality criteria for injection molded parts. By comparing the common methods to determine process parameters and the development of such variables in a virtual environment, attendees will understand the relationship that governs each critical feature of the part.


Using the “Team Approach” to Develop Successful, Resilient Leaders    

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs), Operations

Dan Clark and Kyle Lane with Wise Plastics Technologies                                                               

In some ways, it may seem backward to focus on a team approach in order to cultivate effective leadership. This, however, is exactly the management strategy of the Wise Plastics team. Join company representatives, Dan Clark and Kyle Lane, as they outline how this approach has been implemented within their company culture to cultivate employee empowerment, delegation and internal leadership. During this presentation, Clark and Lane will identify how components of the RASCI approach help communicate an “all for one, one for all” mentality and address traditional pain points within company departments, while simultaneously building successful, resilient leaders within the organization.


What I Wish I Knew When I Sold My Business   

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT,  Executive Stakeholders/ Owners,

Jim Eberle, MXL Industries Inc. and Alan Rothenbucher, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP         

The last few years have seen a record number of acquisitions of molders by fellow molders and private equity, and that trend is continuing. Hear from owners of molders about their experiences on selling and buying. From knowing your customer to the strategic plan to understanding the buyer, they will provide their insights on how to make a sale or purchase successful.  As attendees will hear, you need to be prepared and your data needs to be ready. Jim Eberle from MXL Industries, and others will participate on a panel led by Alan Rothenbuecher as they discuss their experiences with selling and buying their respective companies and the lessons they learned.


Winning Leadership: Asking Your Employees The Right Questions?        

BC LABS: Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Human Resources/Safety, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Jim LeGacy, Titus Precision                                                                          

In recent years it has been an uphill battle to retain good, motivated employees, causing organizations to evaluate their current offerings and strategies. During this presentation, Jim LeGacy of Titus Precision will share the key questions leaders need to be asking and identify metrics that need to be in place to improve employee job satisfaction.  Accomplishments / Progress are directly tied to enjoying your job and company.  LeGacy will highlight six main job functions: Sourcing, HR, Engineering, Leadership, Sales, and Operations. Attendees will leave this session with a different perspective on the questions they should be asking and metrics that could be put in place.


Winning Strategies for Processors Who Want to Thrive in the Automotive Sector            

BC LABS: CFOs/ Finance/ IT,  Executive Stakeholders/ Owners, Sales & Marketing, Senior Leaders (Presidents/VPs)

Ted Morgan, Daron Gifford and Mark Barrott with Plante Moran                               

As one of the lead automotive-focused consulting firms in the United States, Plante Moran’s team of experts will provide data and information that will help processing executives better position their organizations for future business opportunities in the vehicular marketplace. Those attending this session will gain invaluable insight as to how trends in electric vehicle growth, new start-ups, and other disruptors are creating extensive opportunities for suppliers to the automotive space. Topics included in this engagement will include: 1) Plastics product applications for future vehicles - which components are staying and which are going away?; 2) New plastics applications opportunities for electric vehicles; 3) Items to know before developing business relations with new venture start-ups as a customer; and 4) Leading trends in the quoting process that ensures winning.