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New Philadelphia, OH —MPS Manufacturing Co. has developed FUSEALL; a Low Density Self-Fusing Wrap which is a multi-functional elastic, self-fusing sponge material that can be utilized for a variety of industrial, commercial and military applications. It uses a low-density silicone rubber that can be manufactured into a number of profiles, thicknesses, properties or colors. Properties range from 0.55 to 1.00 g/cc specific gravity in Shore A range of 15-45 durometer – this results in a 50% reduction in volumetric weight where reductions are necessary or desired. In addition, Fuseall is able to withstand extreme temperatures (-149F to + 600F), pressure, voltage, moisture, corrosion and contaminants all while exhibiting superior properties for those applications where vibration isolating, thermally and electrically Insulating, buoyancy and a soft tactile feel are targeted.

Our team developed Fuseall to be used as a supplement to, or a replacement of, conventional dense self-fusing silicone tapes, wire and cable wraps, thermal and IR shielding, noise dampening, grips and handles. Fuseall will only bond to itself without the need for additional adhesives, chemicals or heat to activate the bonding process. It will not lose its performance abilities with flexing or exposure to elements and will retain its compression strength once applied. Fuseall is an ideal solution where a speedy application is needed for a variety of regular or irregular shapes leaving no residual adhesives after removal.

Fuseall production will begin in early 2020 and sample material is currently available for trial. Technical Data Sheets are available upon request.

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Mike Stein, President
MPS Manufacturing Co.